My Research

Currently my research focuses on multi-messenger astrophysics and GRMHD simulations but in the past i have also worked in quantum physics

GRMHD simulations

Collapsars are thought to give rise to a subclass of core-collapse supernovae (broad-lined Type Ic), and represent the leading model to explain the generation of long gamma-ray bursts, one of the most energetic astrophysical events in the Universe. Collapsars are massive and rapidly rotating stars that undergo core-collapse at the end of their lifetime, giving rise to a central black hole and accretion disk, which is fed by the collapsing stellar envelope material . These systems are promising candidates for heavy element production via rapid neutron-capture (r-process) nucleosynthesis . The r-process is a nuclear process in which light nuclei rapidly (at a rate faster than subsequent β-decays) capture neutrons in a neutron-rich environment, thereby synthesizing heavy nuclei. While many elements heavier than iron are co-produced by the slow neutron capture process (the s-process), in which neutron capture proceeds at a rate slower than subsequent β-decays, certain heavy elements including all actinides are exclusively produced by the r-process. In our research group headed by Dr. Daniel Siegel we perform general relativistic hydrodynamic simulations of these systems.

Previous Work

During my master's I worked on quantum computations and many body systems. Here is a list of my previous works