Research Interests

My primary research interest includes simulations of astrophysical phenomena as a tool to explain several high energy multi-messenger phenomena observed in the universe. This include simulations of core-collapse supernovae(collapsar) and neutron star mergers.

One of the major aims of the research group headed by Dr. Daniel Siegel that I am part of is to explain the source of the heavy element abundance in the universe which is still a mystery in astrophysics. These violent astrophysical phenomena can be a source of the same. A detailed overview of my research can be found in My Research. I can be contacted at



My research work spans astrophysics, quantum computation and many-body quantum physics. A list of my publications and projects can be found here


Personal Interests

I am interested in a lot of sport activities like bouldering, hiking, biking, squash and self-defence arts. Travelling and cooking are one of my favorite leisure activities. Mountains are where my soul is and snow is happiness.